We believe swimming is more than just a pastime, it’s about ecology, creativity, conquering personal demons and redefining the limits of endurance. We’re Hunter and Vicki, two London based outdoor swimmers who met while training to swim the English Channel in 2019. Our podcast is about the heroes, the eccentrics, the spaces, the untold stories and adventures of wild swimming.

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Episode 2 – The ENVIRONMENT

We hear from Owen Hayman, a man who loves swimming in Reservoirs, on his mission to open up more water for us all to swim in whilst being kind to the environment. We catch up again with Calum McLean in the highlands of Scotland who finds awe in this magnificent scenery and is desperate to preserve it. We also bring you reports about the health of the sea from Papua New Guinea, a re-wilding project from East London and a Channel swimmer with a passion for collecting litter. Plus loads of ideas for great environmental projects to follow.

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Over the next few months our themes will be Journeys and how to enjoy them even at the moment ; and The Mind and how it helps and hinders in swimming.

We can’t wait to bring you more exciting guests and topics.

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